Dear Guests,

unfortunately Chateau Elysium is run by new contractor from November 5th, 2019.
We can offer you another villas in Beau Vallon/Mahe, just contact us via or phone +248 253 68 12.
Thank you very much for your loyalty.

Private chef for breakfast

This is small example of our main courses on the menu of Restaurant Cobia:

Filet of tanzanian venision coated in roasted nuts and seed coating, creamy potatoe suflée with muscat nuts, strong venision jus

Tuna steak coated in roasted sesam seeds, capers sauce, green beans, wasabi purée

Lobster grilled with parsley and garlic butter, fragranced with thyme smoke, red pepper and cardamom sauce - Lobster a la Rimond Blanc. New potatoes with créme fraiche

Grilled jumbo prawns with green mango, chilli and lime salsa, zucchini crispy fries.